News for History Students - 11/2/2022

1) History Club DARS workshop, Nov. 4

2) "A Brief Ethnohistory of the Mattole," Nov. 5
Jamie Roscoe is a Humboldt County Historical Society past president, archaeologist and lecturer at Cal Poly Humboldt and College of the Redwoods. He founded the Cultural Resources Facility at Cal Poly, which provides assistance to state, federal and local agencies, tribes and private entities on a variety of cultural resource investigations. Working closely with representatives of the local tribes, he has completed CRM investigations on over 600 project areas in Northern California.

The lecture will be hosted via Zoom at 2:30 p.m. by the Humboldt County Library. The deadline to sign up for access to the lecture is 5 PM on the Friday before the lecture. Upon registration, participants will receive the meeting ID and password. Click here to register!
3) Community Volunteer Ambassador Program
Join a diverse group of emerging leaders to assist park units in building lasting connections to local communities. Over 100 young professionals will serve as Community Volunteer Ambassador members for 50-52 week terms at National Park Service sites across the country from Hawaii to Florida, over the course of the year. CVAs support Volunteer-in-Parks programs at National Park Service sites nationwide. The CVA Program was developed to support NPS sites in connecting with their local communities through service and to provide young adults with a professional development opportunity within the National Park Service. CVAs provide capacity for NPS sites to establish community partnerships, develop new volunteer opportunities, and build volunteer program resources.
4) Reminder: Free History writing tutors
The History Department is offering FREE WRITING TUTORS to any student enrolled in a History class this fall! Writing Tutors can assist with crafting a thesis, proofreading, choosing correct grammar, and understanding how to effectively structure an essay, research paper, slideshow, or any other writing assignment. Reach out today to one of our Certified Writing Aces (not a real thing, but it sounds impressive), Dakota Adelmann ( and Ian Jones (! Please contact them directly to make an appointment.