News for History students - 2/20/2023

1) Akemi Kochiyama, Feb. 22


2) "Pieces of Our Lives"


3) "An Alternative History of Brandenburg-Prussia in the 17th Century," Feb. 28

Free virtual presentation by Dr. Mary Lindemann, Professor Emerita of History, University of Miami. Few people think of Brandenburg or Prussia as watery worlds. Frederick the Great’s famous description of his territory as a “sandbox” tends to dominate our thinking—inaccurately. In fact, the territory was, and remains, one of the “water-richest” states in Germany. Spread across the modern state of Brandenburg lie some 3000 natural and artificial lakes. Interlocking waterways characterize—and characterized—the physical topography of virtually every district, while the structures built on and around them—mills, dams, dikes, causeways, canals, and channels—anchored social and cultural life. Water's presence was all but inescapable. Thus, in offering an “alternative history” of Brandenburg-Prussia, I do not mean to reject political narratives or socio-cultural analyses but rather to draw our attention to things that deeply concerned virtually all the territory’s inhabitants and that also bore critical political implications. I am asking: how does the history of Brandenburg-Prussia change if we recenter it around water? Register here

4) Opportunity for first-year students: Prairie Creek hike, March 4


5) Social Science Student Symposium

The CSU SSRIC Social Science Student Symposium (S4, pronounced "ess four") is modeled on professional conferences in the social sciences. The year's symposium will be held in-person only (hosted by California State University, Channel Islands). 

The S4 is a free 'student only' conference that allows CSU students to present research in a supportive environment! We invite all CSU undergraduates and graduate students, from all areas of the social sciences (broadly defined, including history) to present their research to their peers. The atmosphere of the S4 is very relaxed, and the emphasis is on meeting and sharing with other CSU students with similar interests. 

See here for more information. The submission/registration deadline is March 27.

6) Digital Public Humanities certificate

The Department of History and Art History at George Mason University, in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution, has created a fully online Graduate Certificate in Digital Public Humanities. The program trains students in the digital skills and tools that are increasingly essential to careers in education, public history, libraries, publishing and many kinds of government and non-profit work. This 15-credit program consists of three online courses followed by a remote internship with a unit of the Smithsonian Institution. Because it is both online and part-time, students can pursue it while working or attending another graduate program. For more information, visit here. For a short video about the program, click here.


7) M.A. in Applied English at Cal Poly Humboldt

You’ll study the politics of culture—including how language acts upon the world—and hone your research and communication skills in both print and digital media. You’ll read, write, research, and teach. You’ll engage in conversations about social justice, pedagogy, literature, writing, and representation. You’ll participate in small graduate seminars led by faculty with expertise in a range of interdisciplinary fields: Digital Humanities, Critical Pedagogy, ESL/EFL Teaching, Linguistics, Rhetoric and Composition, Writing Studies, Creative Writing, Environmental Studies, Literature and Literary Theory, Cultural Studies, Postcolonial Studies, and Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies. See the attached brochure for more information.


Free History writing tutors

The History Department is offering FREE WRITING TUTORS to any student enrolled in a History class! Writing Tutors can assist with crafting a thesis, proofreading, choosing correct grammar, and understanding how to effectively structure an essay, research paper, slideshow, or any other writing assignment. Reach out today to one of our Certified Writing Aces (not a real thing, but it sounds impressive), Dakota Adelmann ( and Ian Jones (! Please contact them directly to make an appointment.