News for History students - 3/22/2023

1) "Understanding the Historical Context of 'The Radium Girls,'" March 24

Radium Girls is the true story of female factory workers in the early 1920s who contracted radiation poisoning from painting watch dials with self-luminous paint. Their story touches on many different studies such as labor relations, women's studies, ethnic studies, and environmental studies, among others. Join Iván González-Soto of Cal Poly Humboldt's Environmental Studies Department to learn more about these remarkable women's fight for justice and then attend the play afterwards in John Van Duzer Theater.

2) "Why and How the 'Triangle' Turned 'Emerald,'" March 24

Talk sponsored by the Cal Poly Humboldt Sociology Department.

3) YES Student Leadership Opportunities (fall 2023)

The program director role (an unpaid internship) requires between 6-10 hours a week and gives students experience in volunteer management, community engagement, facilitation, and leadership. YES Director Application link.

4) International Fashion Show, March 24

Hosted by the Cal Poly Humboldt Global Connections Club. If you would like to sign up to table or to be a model in the show, please fill out this form.

5) Hiking Prairie Creek, March 25


6) Free meal and supply distribution for college students, March 26


7) "Hailing Cesar" film screening, March 27


8) Internships for Latinx college students

Hispanic Access Foundation’s MANO Project is offering enriching internships nationwide for Latinx college students and upcoming professionals who are passionate about the outdoors, geography, community engagement, public lands, cultural resources, and natural resources. If you are interested in getting work experience with a federal land management agency, visit MANO Project Internship Applications.


9) Kalb-Haston Award application deadline extended



History Club meeting, March 23

The History Club's new meeting day/time is every other Thursday from 4:30-5:30 PM in FH 163. Remaining meeting dates will be March 23, April 6 and 20, and May 5.

Free History writing tutors

The History Department is offering FREE WRITING TUTORS to any student enrolled in a History class! Writing Tutors can assist with crafting a thesis, proofreading, choosing correct grammar, and understanding how to effectively structure an essay, research paper, slideshow, or any other writing assignment. Reach out today to one of our Certified Writing Aces (not a real thing, but it sounds impressive), Dakota Adelmann ( and Ian Jones (! Please contact them directly to make an appointment.