Dakota Hamilton


D.Phil., Oxford University

As a humanist I firmly believe that students cannot understand the past without consulting a broad context. This is why the liberal arts – literature, music, art, philosophy, religion, and the sciences – feature so prominently in my classes. Students who are well educated in a variety of subjects¬¬ will be well prepared for the modern world, whether it’s getting a job or simply living life as fully as possible. Critical thinking and writing is emphasized in all of my classes, as these are the key skills that will help students navigate and understand the rapid changes they will face throughout their lives.

Courses Taught: 
HIST 104: Western Civilization since 1650
HIST 105: Western Civilization from 1650 to Present
HIST 210: Historical Methods
HIST 311: World History to 1750
HIST 312: World History since 1750
HIST 314: Ancient Greece
HIST 315: Ancient Rome
HIST 322: The Age of Knights and Monks
HIST 349: Renaissance and Reformation Europe
HIST 354: Modern Britain
HIST 392: Special Topics in European History – Women in Europe
Dakota Hamilton
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