Leena Dallasheh

Associate Professor

Ph.D., New York University

I’m a historian of the Modern Middle East. My research focuses on modern Palestinian and Israeli history, and my training covered the broad social and political history of the modern Middle East, with a particular interest in understanding identity and citizenship in colonial transition. I received my PhD in the joint History and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies program at NYU. My work focuses on the social and political history of Nazareth from 1940 to 1966, tracing how Palestinians who remained in Israel in 1948 negotiated their incorporation in the state, affirming their rights as citizens and their identity as Palestinian. Before coming to NYU, I received a law degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

I have received fellowships and grants from NEH, Palestinian American Research Center (PARC), California Humanities, Mellon/National History Center, and Social Sciences Research Council (SSRC).

My article “Troubled Waters: Governing Water and Struggling for Citizenship in Nazareth” appeared in IJMES 47 (2015). Another article, “Persevering through Colonial Transition: Nazareth’s Palestinian Residents after 1948,” appeared in JPS 45 (2016). I have also published chapters in edited collections and shorter articles on MERIP’s blog (“The Battle for Nazareth,” and “Assaf, Palestine and the ‘Forgotten Palestinians’”), Jadaliyya (Arabic), and Ha’aretz (Hebrew).

I’m also committed to advancing a better understanding of Palestine/Israel and the Middle East more generally. Thus, I’ve organized and participated in numerous events, on and off-campus, on this topic. Most significantly, I have organized a film series, Let’s Talk about the Middle East, which is running for the second year, and which has received support from Humboldt Diversity Program and California Humanities.


Let's Talk About the Middle East Film Series

Available Podcasts:

December 12, 2017 and 
March 2, 2019

Courses Taught: 
HIST/GEOG 319: The Modern Middle East
HIST 210: Historical Methods
HIST 180: Imperialism to Decolonization
HIST 180: Islamic Societies
PSCI 324: The Arab-Israeli Conflict
PSCI 330: Conflicts in Settler-Colonial Societies
GEOG 472: Middle Eastern Cities
Leena Dallasheh
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