Paul Geck


M.A., University of Missouri, Kansas City

I am a history instructor and a social scientist as well as serve as the advisor to the History Major, Social Science Education Track. I have been hired by different universities and community colleges to teach history and instruct students on how to produce college level academic work. My primary goal in the classroom is to cultivate students that can think critically about history and society and judge for themselves the validity of information and the subjectivity of academic writings. As a social scientist I believe history provides universal and real-life examples to study, analyze, and compare to modern societies. Unlike other scientists, the social sciences cannot test their theories by performing experiments: we must make do with history.

Courses Taught: 
Hist 104: Western Civilization to 1650
Hist 105: Western Civilization since 1650
Hist 110: United States History to 1877
Hist 111: United States History since 1877
Paul Geck
(707) 826-4989
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