Robert Cliver


Ph.D., Harvard University

I have taught at Humboldt since the spring of 2007, offering courses in the history of East Asia, China, Japan, and the Soviet Union, as well as a course in world history for future teachers. My courses not only help students to understand the relevant historical content, but also provide students an opportunity to practice their skills as historians – critical reading & thinking skills, research methods, historical writing, and oral debate and presentation.

Courses Taught: 
AHSS Humboldt Peoples and Places
HIST 107: East Asia to 1644
HIST 108: East Asia since 1644
HIST 210: Historical Methods
HIST 311: World History to 1750
HIST 329: Imperial China
HIST 338: Modern China
HIST 339: Modern Japan
HIST 350: History of the Soviet Union
HIST 393: Pre-modern Japan
HIST 490: Senior Seminar
Robert Cliver
(707) 826-3247
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