Thomas Mays



I came to Humboldt in 2003 after spending five years teaching history at Quincy University in Illinois. I grew up in the Midwest and my family’s traditional home in Virginia. I recently retired from the military after serving 25 years on active duty and reserves. I hold a Ph.D. from TCU in Fort Worth, TX, an M.A. from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA and a B.A. from Roanoke College in Salem, VA. Currently I teach early American history, colonial through the Civil War. I am interested in the American Revolutionary and Civil War eras and have four books and several articles in print. I have some film and television experience in working on the series “Washington’s Generals” for the History Channel and in movies including Gettysburg and North and South Book II.

Courses Taught: 
HIST 110: U.S. History to 1877
HIST 111: U.S. History from 1877
HIST 210: Introduction to History
HIST 368: Colonial & Revolutionary America
HIST 369: Age of Jefferson and Jackson
HIST 371: Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 383: California History
HIST 391: American Military Traditions
HIST 420: Interpreting Historical Concepts for Teachers
HIST 482 Internship in History
HIST 490: Senior Seminar in History
Thomas D. Mays
(707) 826-3136
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