History Club

The history club is a student run organization composed of students who are history majors, history minors, or who are just interested in history. Because it is a student run club, what the club does varies by semester and by the activity level of the students in it. Generally the club meets weekly to discuss club business and plan activities. The club runs an afternoon snack table in Founders Hall to raise money to fund its activities. The club also sponsors a weekly movie viewing night, generally in Founders Hall 118 with the big screen. Professors are invited to show movies applicable to their classes.

Most club members find that it provides them with a small community of fellow students who have similar interests, similar classes, and extensive knowledge to share on professors and course content. Students often find it a good way to network and make new friends.
Among the activities the club has engaged in the past are the following:

  • Trips to History Conferences — obviously these are big events and generally expensive. They require a lot of planning and commitment on the part of the students though they can be very rewarding experiences. Conferences provide students with an opportunity to see history in action. In the past students have attended conferences on Empire held at CSU Stanislaus as well as meetings of the American Historical Association, the largest history association, in San Francisco, Seattle, and San Diego.
  • Local Trips — students had engaged in a variety of local trips often with historical backgrounds. In the past students have visited Fort Humboldt, the Humboldt Historical Society, and the Clark Museum. Trips to San Francisco, Patrick’s Point, and Fort Ross, among other places, also been discussed.
  • Historical Movies — the club often looks for historic movies come out. When they do, club members attend often accompanied by a professor versed in the subject matter. Afterwards everyone retires to a local eating establishment to discuss content of the movie and where Hollywood went horribly wrong. Generally the club pays for the movie tickets.
  • Other Events— over the years, club members had engaged in a variety of other activities depending on their interests. They have hosted picnics and holiday get-togethers, had a Risk party where players were to come dressed as their favorite imperialist, and played softball games against other clubs.
  • Discussions— as members had expressed interest in learning more about certain subjects from particular historical topics to how to write a paper or apply to graduate school, the club makes efforts to host discussions on these.

What the club will do in the future is entirely up to those students in it. So come join and help us determine where to go next.