History Day

History Day is a one unit course for students who wish to support and judge Cal Poly Humboldt’s regional History Day event. History Day is an exciting, history-based learning experience for students from 4th-12th grades. The event is held on a Saturday in the spring semester and registered students are required to attend one or more training sessions prior to the day. History Day in California is a statewide program sponsored by Constitutional Rights Foundation in conjunction with National History Day. In History Day, students learn about issues, ideas, people, and events in history and apply what they have learned through creative and original productions. Beyond simply memorizing names and dates and reporting on historical events, History Day students develop invaluable research and analytical skills. They process information gathered through intensive research and draw their own conclusions about the topic’s significance in history. Students can create historical papers, imaginative exhibits, original performances, multimedia documentaries, historical web sites, and posters related to the annual theme. There are two divisions, Junior Division (6th-8th grade) and Senior Division (9th-12th grade). The poster category is for 4th and 5th grade only.


Each year a broad theme is selected to encompass entries, including local, state, American, and world history. The purpose of the theme is to give a central focus to the work of all participants and provide a common “yardstick” against which the quality of research and understanding may be judged.

Look for more information during spring registration.