Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing this program will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Locate diverse types of historical evidence; evaluate credibility, position or perspective; and determine how to use appropriately
  • Place primary and secondary sources in appropriate historical and historiographical context, with attention to the chronology, geography (local, national, and global), culture and methodology
  • Develop a body of historical knowledge with range and depth that recognizes the causes and consequences of continuity and change over time
  • Be able to understand and evaluate different perspectives and arguments, engaging with the ideas of other historians and citing them appropriately
  • Create a research question, conduct effective and wide-ranging research to procure evidence, formulate a persuasive analytical argument, and communicate it effectively in a written or oral format
  • Apply historical knowledge and analysis to contribute to contemporary social dialogue and to life-long learning and critical habits of mind essential to an effective and engaged citizenship.